My opinion of why the breakfast os the most importante meal of the day

breakfast is important because you eat proteins (in the milk) and carbohidrates (in the bread) and thy give you a lot of energy and you need to eat fruits and cereal

Actually make weight control make kids grow up and to help the developing brains need refueling from food and your body need extra energy for the long day and the people who do not have sufficient energy it has more sleep

Example:In USA all the a lot of people eat a lot of breakfast and they dont eat a lot in the lunch 


Crime and criminal description 

Type of crime:Bush Ranger 

Criminal:Ned Kelly

Detective in charge:Detective Willson

Victims:Micheal Kennedy, Constable Thomas and Micheal Scanlan

Motif:his notifica was to protect the wild life

Dates of crime:1878

Place:Victoria Australia 

Trial and sentending:some where of 2 years and another of afew months but his final was to be hung in Melbourn in 1880

Criminal biography:

Birth:Beverige Australia of december the 11* of 1854

Family information:the family name was Thomas Kelly

Occupation: his main time was protecting the bush as a ranger

Turning points in their life:when his father died he become rebeldes and left school

Traces or sing nature thy left at crime scenes:police or inocents body on the ground

How thy were caught:he was caught by being wounded and thy got him of his guard 

Conviction and death:he was caught of his guard and wounded and sentence sped to death by being hung in Melbourn goal

Description of physical elements:

  • He had a beard 
  • Brown hair
  • He had a revolver on each side of his hip or a shotgun
  • And had a armor

Description of psychological elements:he was a phsicopath a lover of the wild and an avenger 

Detective biography:

Birth:November 20 of 1840 in Australia

Traces thy found at crime scenes:him living down in the bosh wounded with his weapons 

How they caught the criminal: all of the Kelly gang was dead and he was wounded 

Godlike report of Hermes 

He is an Olympian god in Greek religion and mythology, son of Zeus and the Pleiad Maia.

The most important event in his life is wen Hermes was a famous runner. In one of the major events he fell and twisted his ankle and lost the race. He was cast out of the town for losing. Zeus took pity on Hermes and went to where to Hermes was.

Was born in a cave on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia. Zeus had impregnated Maia at the dead of night while all other gods slept.

Protector and patron of travelers, herdsmen, thieves,[2] orators and wit, literature and poets, athletics and sports, invention and trade

He is quick and cunning, and moves freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine, as emissary and messenger of the gods


letter to a friend

Deer José in this last weeks I forgot the life  without  you                One of the two of Two thousand and two

The school is soo boring to the class because you meak more fun the class like your jokes or silly answers.They will always be my best day at school and we hace a new class and theachers 

In my family,we have a new brother his name is Federico Karmy a really coll mom is a little crazy but my sister helps a lot.And I bought a bike is amazing i love it I alway go to  the mountain with my dad and I have all the equipment

But I wont to tell you something, you like more Chile or USA???

Wen you come back?

And why you left? 

You have more friens in USA?      

All the class want you here 

Pelase come back fast 
bye my good friend I hope that you are well Antonio Karmy 

PS:you can buy me a computer and I give you the money by mail ? I bought a bike is amazing

My last hunts at night

On my last night of hunting I attack a house,a small house but it was a trap 

many people expected me.I transformed into bateando fly to my house 

The  next night avenge me

my big clock touch 12:00 of the night.I fly to the house no light were on but I saw a man standing behind the tree

 I ran to him and bit him but there was no blood it was a lure a huge network callus on my  from trees callus people.Thy had crossings of god and stakes.

I transform in bat and I fly far away of the trap and I saw a city and I drink the blood of three people

And I saw the sun in the montain 

I run to my house to go sleep and Live another day 

Thats my last hunts in this city 

I see you in tour house

Dialogue of interview

D:why did you make  a gong with your brothers?

N:I never had a gong We had a little group but not a gong 

D:did you ever change your name?

N:not that I would remember 

D:why did you start stealing banks?

N:what I now is that I’ve never stolen but if I would steal it would be for to stay alive

D:if you never stolen a bank how many horses have you stolen?

N:I have never stolen borrowed and then the owners forget which is different 

D:what wher you thinking when you shot those policeman’s 

N:wait a minute I never shot a police  in my life 

D:is your group still aliveness?

N:not really a few  days ago there was a shoot out and howl group died

D:do you kill for fun or do you protect anithing?

N:I’ve always liked ivature but I shouldn’t kill for who would want to damage it?

D:here I’m asking the questions here have some respect 

N:I’m just saying …

D:OK.well  where have you been living all thes years Ned?

N:I live in VIctoria,Australia 

D:and with who do you live?

N:I live with my pets

D:not with any family

N:no it’s just that my dad died when I was 8 little my mother is in jail and my brothers died in the shoot out 

D:have you ever gone to jail?

N:I did go once far steeling

D:why and wat did you steel?

N:I dint steel I borrowed my nabouses horses

D:back to the part of the shoot out  why did we find you wounded with your armed next too you?

N:well I’ve got anithing to say

D:well you seen guilty enough .Any last words?

N:some times good things bad things eee well that’s life